Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Unit Study - Book of Virtues

I just got a head's up from
about this amazing resource being offered for free.
The generosity of home school mom, Patty Thompson, is amazing.

This week's Subscriber Exclusive is an outstanding
Unit Study Companion to William Bennett's "The Book of Virtues",
created especially for home schoolers by Patty Thompson.

Each of the ten units in this 992 page study companion
(TOLD you it was HUGE!) covers 10 of the stories/poems/essays
that are included in the Book of Virtues. Each story has
worksheets, notebook pages, vocabulary, character study sheets,
copywork, 1-2 projects (plus a long-term project) and a Lapbook
with an optional unit wrap up activity. And to top it off there's
a full lesson plan for older kids, and a separate one for
primary aged children.

The Book of Virtues Project (at Shriver Academy blog)

Check it out... it is a wonderful character building resource
that can be tweaked and used for all ages. All you need to go
along with it is a copy of Bennett's original "Book of Virtues"... and
that can be found el cheapo - like 99 cents - on ebay, etc.
It is a WONDERFUL book, by the way, and all home school families
ought to have a copy.